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Zergotech Freedom Review — The Ergonomic Keyboard for the Masses?

My quest for the perfect keyboard continues… In early 2019 I got the Ergodox EZ, then I tried the Dygma Raise but went back to the Ergodox.

Full Review of the Ergodox EZ

Full Review of the Dygma Raise

Onto my third ergonomic keyboard: the Zergotech Freedom. The philosophy behind this keyboard is to give as much ergonomic benefits to its users while minimizing the learning curve of a new design. I was intrigued.

First Impressions

I’m writing this part of the review literally less than an hour after receiving the Zergotech Freedom.

The Split Design

A split design is a must-have feature for ergonomic keyboards. Don’t be intimidated by it, it’s really easy getting used to. I personally stopped feeling pain in my shoulder blades when I switched to a split keyboard.

The Sliding Palm Rests

Probably the most unique feature of the Zergotech Freedom, the sliding palm rests truly are a stroke of genius. When you try it, you quickly go from “Oh this amazing!” to “Well, in fact, it just makes sense.”. That’s genius design to me; so good you forget it’s there.

The Layout

I’m a big fan of orthogonal layouts. It’s much, much better than the silly staggering we all grew up with because of how typewriters were designed >100 years ago — true story.

KeyKortex — The Configurator

I was skeptical about the configurator. The team over at Zergotech believed that neither QMK, the absolute reference in custom keyboard programming, nor Kaleidoscope, the second most popular option, were good enough. Both are open source and awesome, but Zergotech wanted to give the Freedom keyboard a simple programming interface that was built-in the keyboard and required zero software download, “bloatware” as they call it.

The Mouse Layer

I’m not a big fan of controlling my cursor via my keyboard, but I have to quickly acknowledge that the Freedom did the embedded mouse thing better than both of my previous keyboards.

The Tenting Solution

Zergotech didn’t reinvent the wheel here. And you know what? It works great. 4 little feet per halve that you flip up or down according to your preferences. If you’re in the minority who enjoys super steep tilting, you can simply put pretty much anything under the tilting feet and you’ll get those extreme angles. For the other 99% of us, it works great out of the box.

Other Downsides?

Ok, I’m being real picky here, for most people all the following is very unimportant, but…

  • Definitely not the most portable keyboard.
  • Cables, while sturdy, are not easily changeable and the one linking the two halves is not very long. Could be a problem for those who enjoy extravagantly wide keyboard halves placement. Not a problem for me, but it could be for Tony from Chicago.
  • There is a bit of wasted space on the keyboard.

Little Niceties

It ships with a keycap puller that works perfectly for this keyboard. That’s nice.


The Zergotech Freedom is great. My one and only disappointment is that its configurator is not as powerful as the one I’ve been using for the past years. This disappointment is so big though, that I’ll go back to my Ergodox.



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Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.