reviews the Zergotech Freedom Ergonomic Keyboard

Zergo Freedom Review — A Keyboard Split in Two?

What Zergo Tech Had to Say

SEMI-ORTHOGONAL DESIGN. You’ll be typing at speed in a few short hours! Our unique layout is designed specifically to minimise any learning curve associated with new keyboards. We’ve changed only what we’ve had to, ensuring you have a familiar typing experience while enjoying the full ergonomic benefits. All keys are positioned for symmetry of reach for all your fingers.” — Zergo

“Quality and attention to detail define our brand. We’ve considered all aspects of build quality including materials, textures, components, and durability. We have even considered acoustics, inserting sound-absorbing foam within the keyboard to reduce key clack echo. The Freedom is solid and durable with no flex in the boards. The cables have double over-moulded strain relief ensuring the keyboard can support its own weight. The slider base is made of a proprietary anti-scratch tempered and textured glass for durability and maximum slide-ability for the life of the keyboard.” — Zergo


A Closer Look

The Keyboard


How Much Does it Cost?





Should I Buy One?



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