Ergonomic reviews the Zergotech Freedom Ergonomic Keyboard


The Problems the Freedom Tries to Solve

A Superior Split Design

To start, the Zergo Freedom is a true split keyboard. There are no hinges connecting the two halves, letting you angle and separate them based on your body to minimize wrist deviation and relax your shoulders.

Innovative Sliding Wrist Pads

Another unique feature of the Zergo Freedom are the sliding wrist pads. What to me at first seemed like a gimmick turned out to be a genuinely innovative and ergonomic addition.

The Mechanical Keys

Keyboard Layout and Potential Frustration

The Freedom makes some small tweaks to the standard keyboard configuration that have big consequences. To me how quickly you can get used to these changes is the deciding factor whether you’ll love the Freedom, or end up hesitantly returning it (there is a 60 day refund policy).

  • The top two rows of the keyboard have shifted horizontally so they line up vertically with the home row. This reduces the tendency of your fingers to always lean to the left to access the keys in these rows.
  • The “Enter”, “Backspace”, and the “Delete” keys that are typically found on the right side of the keyboard have been moved to the left board. This reduces deviation of the right wrist and pinky finger to access these keys.
  • And finally, other keys that used to exist on the far right of the keyboard such as the arrow keys and “Print Screen” have now been folded in with existing keys, and accessible by pressing “FN Shift” or “FN Lock”. The logic is the same as the previous change- to reduce ulnar deviation of the wrist to access these keys.

Final Words

At the end of my two weeks with the Zergo Freedom, the conclusion I’ve arrived at is this: The keyboard is not for everyone, but everyone in need of an ergonomic keyboard owes it to themselves to try it.



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Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.