Customer Review: “… the new standard…” — William Tran, Melbourne Australia

by William Tran, Melbourne Australia, September 24, 2020
(*posted by Zergotech with permission and on behalf of William Tran)

In light of the COVID pandemic that resulted in extended work from home arrangements, I needed an ergonomic keyboard to prevent injury. The keyboards which I was using included the onboard laptop keyboards from Dell and Apple, as well as an external Apple Magic Keyboard (with numeric keypad). Over time this was causing increased strain from over pronation, lack of support and poor design overall. The strain sufficiently progressed and reached a point that I began seeking medical attention. Like a lot of products my purchases decisions, excellent design, functionality and build quality are on the top of my priority list. I needed a keyboard that would preserve my ability to work at a computer productively without injury and in short preserve my career. When I found the Zergotech Freedom Keyboard listed online from a reputable ergonomic store I knew this was the one. Every aspect and detail of this keyboard has been meticulously thought through and it shows the moment you begin to use it. I was confident in my purchase decision at the time, ordering the unit based on the product brochure alone. In fact I had cancelled my original order for a Kinesis Freestyle Pro immediately when I saw the Zergotech Freedom Keyboard.

Now that I have it, I’m absolutely delighted it was everything I hoped it would be. I’m thrilled that this keyboard exists at time I needed it the most, as it had only recently debuted relatively recently around the same time I was looking for one. I know going forward, this will be the new standard in which all other keyboards will be compared against in the market. When I found out it was designed and researched in Australia, I was proud to know they had indeed created a world class product. I hope my review does it justice, and that it helps anyone else with deciding on a purchasing a high quality ergonomic keyboard. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to Nathan and the team at Zergotech who have also shown me nothing less than stellar customer service in regards to any queries I’ve had.

TIP: I would suggest possibly keeping the box as this may possibly be your keyboard ‘for life’; and thus you can safely pack it in order to move office buildings or homes in the future.

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Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.