Customer Review : “… pinnacle of ergonomic design…” — Abhijit Patel

by Abhijit Patel, Mumbai, India, September 25, 2020
(*posted by Zergotech with permission and on behalf of Abhijit Patel)

The phrase ‘grail’ or ‘end game’ keyboard gets thrown around a lot and most keyboards in the bespoke market are just a combination of different switches, lube, construction material and colours. The Zergotech stands out from the rest of the offerings being the pinnacle of ergonomic product design. While keyboards like the Ergodox and Kinesis try and succeed to solve a couple of problems of the traditional keyboard, none come close to being a ‘king of all trades and sport the same adaptability and versatility as the Zergotech. No other keyboard that I have used seem to offer neutral hand mobility that the sliding wrist rests offer. The layout while customisable, just makes complete sense in its stock form. My work requires me to F-key cycle a lot (pressing keys from f1-f4 in rapid succession). My hands struggle with this on regular keyboards and for the first time, reachability and comfort aren’t a problem. The only downside to this keyboard is that it has spoilt every other keyboard for me and I just don’t feel like using anything else at all. I am a customer for life and I really recommend everyone who is looking for the ultimate ergonomic keyboard to look no further than this.

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