Customer Review: “…by far my favourite…” — Randall Haehnell

by Randall Haehnell, Illinois, USA. September 21, 2020
(*posted by Zergotech with permission, and on behalf of Randall Haehnell)

I’ve been using mechanical keyboards for 5+ years now and have used a number of them over those 5 years (corsair, ergo dox EZ, kinesis), but so far the Freedom is my favorite! I actually just sold my ergo dox EZ as I much preferred the Freedom. I love the layout, the fact that it’s essentially a full keyboard and that fact that it has flexibility built in with programmability and the 3 layers, but I *really* love the feel of the keys and the sound. It has a super premium feel and the sound is much better than the other keyboards as it sounds much fuller and more pleasing. , I really enjoy the typing experience on the Freedom and it is by far my favorite keyboard currently.

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