Customer Review: “…applause…” — R.D. (verified customer)

by R.D., (name withheld), Orlando, USA. August 28, 2020.
(*posted by Zergotech with permission and on behalf of R.D.)

The general consensus is that it takes real courage to try to shift a paradigm (that desperately needs shifting). Are we to forever stick with an antiquated QWERTY design that stems from mechanical typewriters? Your ergonomic analysis of the situation, and remedy of it, are to be applauded. That being said there is a definite learning curve associated with breaking old habits. Ergonomic positioning is fantastic, just need to retrain my brain to look for the keys in their new, easier to get to, locations. I am amongst real keyboard aficionados here who wish that it was hot swappable, or at least had more mechanical switch options available (Cherry Silver being popular). . I’m really rooting for you to succeed. Good luck and thank you!

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