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Unpacking and First Impressions

First a disclaimer. We were lucky to get a pre-production version. All of the pictures I take are of this pre production model. I will add a few pictures at the end of the final version.

The Sliding Wonder and the Basics

Ok, first off what makes this keyboard really stand out is a novel and innovative sliding palm rests system. The wrist rest area is designed to keep your hands and fingers relaxed as you hover around the keyboard.

Keyboard Features

First of all this is a split keyboard that allows you to separate the left and right halves up to 50 cm and at any angle that is most comfortable. Personally I only recommend split keyboards to friends and family so I am a bit biased by this design but once you start using split keyboards, you too will be an advocate. By having control over how far you want to split the halves this keyboard should accommodate nearly everyone. I like mine about 2.5 inches apart which naturally opens my chest, lowers my shoulders, and straightens my back as I type. When I have to use straight keyboards, I can feel the stress build up in minutes!

Customizing the Keyboard Layouts

As with all high end keyboards, this one is programmable so you can customize the keys exactly how you want them to work. If you want to swap the Space and Enter keys, you would use a key stroke combination to initiate and complete the swapping. See their Programming Guide for more details.By the way, swapping keys totally makes sense. If you are right handed, you most likely will use your right thumb to hit space so it should be on the right side. And vice versa if you are left handed. In fact, you can order a Freedom with blank keys so you can map them exactly how you want them to be.

Read More about the Ergonomics

The Zergo website has a really good page that covers in details some of the ergonomic challenges you want to solve with an ergonomic keyboard. Rather than summarize all of it here, give this page on solving common keyboard ergonomic challenges a read.

Bottom Line

This is the most asked about keyboard I have ever tested. My office mates asked me about that “sliding thing” and if it worked. A few tried it. All agreed it is a brilliant design addition to a keyboard. I am going to use this full time at my office so hope to have a longer term review but for now let me summarize by saying this is an excellent keyboard. For power users you get all of the features you need like layers, macros, and swapping keys. For those with the ergonomic priority, this keyboard checks all of our boxes for one that we can recommend wholeheartedly. Other keyboards may have more tenting and angle options but this one has enough to satisfy most folks. For those that don’t want to learn a new layout, this one is decent in that you’ll probably have to invest a few days of sloppy typing to get back to full speed. The only person who may be a little disappointed will be your accountant. This keyboard is not cheap if you are used to buying standard keyboards but it is well priced over competing models. Overall we recommend this keyboard.



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Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech Pty Ltd

Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.