By Patrick Hentschel.
(*This review is posted by Zergotech, with permission and on behalf of Patrick Hentschel — Senior Director of Global Accounts at Feedonomics, tech start-up based in Woodland Hills, CA)

Infrequently do I rave about health altering technology… Frankly, I’m usually quite skeptical of all things “ergo” given…

by Ben Langton, New York, USA, January 24 2021
(*posted by Zergotech with permission and on behalf of Ben Langton)

As a software developer, I have suffered from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) for a long time. I have tried several ‘alternative’ keyboards over the years, but have rejected each of…

by Mark Utting, Queensland, Australia, January 7, 2021
(*posted by Zergotech with permission and on behalf of Mark Utting)

I’ve been using the Zergotech Freedom keyboard intensively for three months, and am enjoying it more and more. The only problem is that now I want a second one, for my…

Zergotech Freedom review: The keyboard that tries to solve all your ergonomic woes

The Freedom adopts a split, semi-orthogonal layout while sticking to the familiar QWERTY format.

There’s not really a keyboard like this one

Some split ergonomic keyboards can be quite a nightmare to get used to. Not so the Zergotech Freedom, which attempts to combine ergonomic innovations with a familiar design. The Australian company has worked hard to address the major pain points that can lead to repetitive stress injuries, such as by…

(* this article first appeared at as part of his series on Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards)

Zergotech Freedom Review — The Ergonomic Keyboard for the Masses?

My quest for the perfect keyboard continues… In early 2019 I got the Ergodox EZ, then I tried the Dygma Raise but went back to the Ergodox.

Full Review of the Ergodox EZ

Full Review of the Dygma Raise

Onto my third ergonomic keyboard: the Zergotech…

(* this article first appeared at

Some ergonomic keyboards are full of gimmicks that do little to serve the purpose of protecting your wrists and digits from repetitive stress injuries, while others come seriously close to perfection. For me, the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (UHK) is the perfect combination of…

(* This article first appeared at


Disclaimer: Zergo provided us with a review unit of the Freedom.

The Zergo Freedom is one of the most ambitious ergonomic keyboards to come out in recent years. It attempts to do what few ergonomic keyboards before it have tried- fix all the…

(* this article first appeared at

It’s not every day we get to review a completely new brand here on eTeknix. Ironically, I spotted this product on a Google Ad banner on our very own website and reached out to them. A small company has a partnership of investors…

(*this article first appeared at

All Things

Over the past month we have been testing a really exciting and truly innovative ergonomic keyboard, the Freedom from Zergotech which bills itself as a programmable, mechanical, split, ergonomic semi-orthogonal keyboard. Whew. …

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Zergotech is the company behind the award winning Freedom ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

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